Essential Media List

1. Macbook Air Computer

The “father of the computer” was Charles Babbage. He invented the first computer in 1822. This computer he invented was slightly different than the computer many people picture in their minds today. For example, it was only used for math like numbers and algorithms. As we know, this has shifted drastically over the past 200 years. Now, computers are used for math as well as videos and social media and blogging among many other things. With all of the features computers offer today and its easy access, practically everyone has one. I have a Macbook Air computer because of the easy access to many features and storage space. It allows you to text off it if your iPhone is connected to it and allows you to store your photos on it. It is useful to write a paper for class and blog and check up on my friends all in one convent location and you can take it with you anywhere. It has many features that are useful for my everyday life.

2. Netflix

Many people have at least one TV or laptop or both. All of which now broadcast that they are ‘smart’ and can stream Netflix off of it. Many people, including myself, have one of these in their homes.  I enjoy Netflix because it streams many TV shows and movies. Netflix even comes out with it’s own TV shows and movies so it never gets old.

3. iPhone

Another frequent media that is essential in modern society. The iphone is used to communicate to family, friends, and even strangers. There are many new features such as apps, phone calls, texting, internet, and email. It is basically a smaller computer that allows you to communicate with people all over the world. You can even connect it to your mac computer so you can transfer photos and messages and emails to it.

4. Star Wars

Star Wars are a series of films that are life altering. The films began in 1977 and the latest one was released in 2015. Therefore, it is obvious that the films are popular and well made if they are still coming out after so many years. Film is a media that I enjoy and Star Wars is a popular film that many love, especially me. It is something that I deem essential to my life.

5. Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is a film and a book that also it important to me. The book was written by Jane Austen in 1813 and was very beautifully written so it was popular. Popular enough that a movie was made almost 200 years later over it in 2005. I enjoy both medias over this story and I deem it essential to my life.


6 thoughts on “Essential Media List

  1. This is a solid start, with a wide range of essential media here. Maybe a bit too wide, though: take another stab at 1-3 and see if you can’t be a little more specific, i.e., a specific computer, tv network or series (Netflix makes a lot of sense), and phone that you would consider essential (with corresponding links and explanations). 🙂


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