Ever since adolescence, I have always enjoyed various types of media. As a child I grew fond of black and white films due to watching them with my mother. I always enjoyed mysteries ranging from Judy B. Jones books to Alfred Hitchcock films. Therefore, I enjoy a good mystery along with any well-written book or movie.

Analog and digital media where pretty even in my mind as a child; however, as I have aged, I have slightly grown to use digital more often. This does not mean I dislike books or board games due to my slight preference. In fact, I very much enjoy analog media. I only dislike any horror media. For example, try and take me to see a horror movie? You shall never succeed. I just genuinely hate it. It does not interest me.

I am interested in media studies because I always have been curious to the full extent technology and media have changed not only the human race, but the world. I think concepts and ideas brought up in this class will help me form opinions on future media as well as learn to use media to more efficiently.