Design Document

The central idea of this argument is that easy, accessible media like Netflix is on the rise in popularity in society due to their affordances: participatory, procedural, spatial, and encyclopedic. Due to their popularity, they have shifted society to be far more interested in culling than surrender. This project serves as a statement about an aspect of new media and cultural change by studying if the way society is shifting media to be more easy, and accessible to allow people to become more selfish. Society is growing towards having so many options fallen in their lap that they are forgetting about all of the other stuff their missing due to their tunnel vision. I’m using Holmes and Murray’s ideas as the bases of my project in order to receive data on this subject and analyze it. I will be using a survey to get data on this subject. I will compose a series of questions on survey-monkey and broadcast the link to as many people as I can. Specifically, I will send the link to many people here at Austin College such as sports teams and people in my classes and professors. I also will try and broadcast it to coaches and other people I know from home as well as people I work with here at Austin College and in Fort Worth. I will then analyze the data and make charts based off of the data to help my audience visualize my data. I will try and find videos and articles to help support my data as well. Below are the questions in my survey:

  • How old are you?
    • I am asking this to see if age has a factor for Netflix use
  • Are you male or female?
    • I am asking this to see if gender has an affect on Netflix use and if gender plays a role into what Netflix suggests to viewers
  • Do you use Netflix?
    • I am asking this to see if my subjects even apply to my theory
  • How many days of the week do you watch Netflix on average?
    • I am asking this to to see how much time people use Netflix on average
  • What mobile device do you watch Netflix on?
    • I am asking this to see which form of technology Netflix is streamed off to compare to Murray’s ideas
  • What features does Netflix have that causes you to use it?
    • I am asking this to see if Netflix has any other pull-factors other than easy and accessible
  • Do you use Netflix for an economic reason or a personal reason?
    • to see if people watch this instead of going out because in the long run it is cheaper or if it is because they prefer this over doing other things
  • What is your favorite thing to watch on Netflix?
    • I am asking this to see if people watch it for fun or education and to see how it applies to Holmes’ ideas
  • Do you watch TV shows, Movies, Documentaries, or a mixture?
    • to see what type of things they watch on Netflix
  • What types of genres does Netflix suggest to you?
    • to see how Netflix suggests to viewers based on what they watch
  • Would you be interested in a follow-up interview?
    • So I can see what suggestions Netflix gives them
  • If you chose yes, what is the best number and email I could use to contact you?
    • So I can reach them due to this being anonymous

3 thoughts on “Design Document

  1. Solid start, this document provides a useful framework for understanding what you want the project to accomplish and how it connects to the course. You’ve also provided some details here, like your survey questions, but there are some elements that can be developed in more detail. First, instead of saying “broadcast the link to as many people as I can,” provide the reader with a specific procedure for which groups of people you will contact with the survey and why. Second, for each question in the survey, provide a brief (sentence or two) explanation for why you included that question/what you hope your participants’ responses will provide you in the way of data for your project.


      1. OK, better. Count it. Be sure, though, that when you are asking these questions, you leave some time to follow up on too-short or un-clear responses. Your interviewees may think you mean one thing with your question when you are really looking for something else.


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