Daily Quest #7

I’m slightly confused on the difference in the terms used in the The Open and The Closed: Games of Emergence and Games of Progression article. Progression and emergence are slightly confusing to me (it could be due to my lack of video game knowledge). In reference to soccer, is emergence the structure of rules like keep the ball in the lines and no offsides and only the keeper can use their hands and progression is the desire to reach the outcome of a win (so a ball in the back of the net)?


One thought on “Daily Quest #7

  1. A good question. Count it. We’ll talk about this more in class today, but it sounds like you might be confusing these two terms with Frasca’s manipulation and goal rules. Those terms map neatly onto the examples you describe in soccer: rules about what you can and can’t do are manipulation rules; rules about what you must do to win are goal rules.

    With Juul, he’s talking about the ways games are built to encourage different kinds of play. So a game like Super Mario leads you in one direction; you have some choices about how to get there, but you win by defeating the final boss, period. That’s progression. Emergence is harder to grasp, but you see it in games like Minecraft, where most players play without any specific goal, or they use the free movement within the game’s rules to set their own goals (which can also change over time).


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