Project Proposal

Juan and I will be doing a project together. Our project will be focusing on the ideas raised in Linda Holmes article “The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We’re All Going To Miss Almost Everything.” We will be surveying people with the question of “Are medias like netflix, hulu, and Facebook that are easy, accessible digital media responsible for shifting society to be far more interested in culling than in surrender?” What we hope to gain by completing the project is a better understanding of people’s decisions regarding culling and surrender focused on easy, accessible media. As well as educate other people in societies’ decisions of these two ideas addressed in Holmes’ article. This project could be useful to others who are interested in learning about new media because they could see the results and learn how such prevalent media affect society and influence future media. We will compose a survey on Surveymonkey to reach a broader range of people besides Austin College students.


Contract: Each member will be responsible for composing 50% of the survey questions as well as trying to broadcast the survey to as many people as they can to take it. The work to do the follow up on the survey will be evenly split by both partners. Failure to help participate in the project will at first be addressed one on one and if it happens again will be brought to professor’s attention for disciplinary actions.


Online Signatures:

Juan Ramirez

Grace Auth


2 thoughts on “Project Proposal

  1. So if I’m reading this correctly, the plan is to survey…some number of people about their media consumption and use, in the hopes of identifying some trends in terms of their “culling” and “surrender” behavior? Is that the gist? If so, that’s a fine start, but I’d like to see a bit more detail about what exactly you think the final product will look like: will it be a standard social science essay, one you will post to your blog(s) and then present to the class during the showcase? Or will it be presented in some other form, like a website, video, etc.? What you’ll show during showcase week is not very clear right now.

    Also, it is not clear why this needs to be a two-person project. Though this is not a requirement for two-person projects, it would still be useful for you to explain how the two-person structure will allow you to go beyond what just one of you could do alone.


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