Daily Quest #6

In article I LIKED EVERYTHING I SAW ON FACEBOOK FOR TWO DAYS. HERE’S WHAT IT DID TO ME the author states,”Facebook uses algorithms to decide what shows up in your feed” (Honan). This intrigued me because the same system that shows Facebook users their feed is also used for other media like Netflix, correct?


One thought on “Daily Quest #6

  1. This Daily has a few issues: first, while the title of the piece is useful, a direct link is a much stronger reference (unless you’d like to provide a full citation); second, the question itself is factual, something you could look up yourself, and as such, does not seek to clarify or extend the *material* – that is, the reading itself. If this is of interest to you, find the answer online, and then use it to ask a question that *does* seek to clarify or extend the material: what would be an interesting question to ask *if* this first question about Netflix were true? (You may make revisions to this and submit it again if you wish.)


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