Daily Quest #4

Could you argue that liveliness is constantly around us with our modern technological mobile devices? In the Dead Media Archive article about liveliness it is stated that liveliness is defined as “the quality or condition (of an event, performance, etc.) of being heard, watched, or broadcast at the time of occurrence.” In the modern world, there are new features such as face timing and videos and pictures and voice recordings on mobile devices that can be streamed onto social medias immediately when captured. With this idea in mind, it could be argued that liveliness is everywhere, correct?


One thought on “Daily Quest #4

  1. Count it. This is an intriguing question; it cannot necessarily be answered by the reading it responds to, but that reading does give us some fuel to possibly answer it. So you point to the definition the authors provide here, and that’s a good start. And in a sense, you’re right that to the extent that those around us, on campus, in town, on the road, etc., are likely to be using some kind of live or nearly-live communication tool, you statement would be accurate. At any given moment, though, one particular individual – like me right now as I write this comment – am not so much surrounded by liveness (since no one in my house is using such media), as surrounded by *potential* liveness sitting in all the devices that have that potential in my house. Perhaps that’s a slightly more accurate way to make that statement? Excellent point though.


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