Daily Quest #2


In Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy he states “essentially the same objections commonly urged today against computers were urged by Plato in the Phaedrus (274–7) and in the Seventh Letter against writing”(78). This statement sounds like he is pointing out that writing used to not be accepted but now is accepted and therefore computers and print should be accepted too. However, he then states “writing provides for consciousness as nothing else does”(81) and then goes on arguing for writing. So, my question is he arguing for people to accept writing or computers or print?


One thought on “Daily Quest #2

  1. Good question. Count it. Ong is not really making a case for any particular medium per se, but rather trying to make the case that any medium, when it is prominent in a culture, tends to alter the ways people within that culture behave, interact, and even think. So he seems to want us to consider how writing changed us, perhaps in precisely the ways Plato was worried about.


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