Daily Quest #1

Are the words “sow” and “seeds” and “God” and “plants” and “growth” and “soul” used throughout the excerpt references to the beginning of life? Almost as if all the examples have some sort of reference to the beginning of life where the written word was not apparent? I interpreted the examples Socrates gave as references to stories of the Bible. For example, he states “that is not likely-in the garden of letters he will sow and plant, but only for the sake of recreation and amusement; he will write them down as memorials to be treasured against the forgetfulness of old age, by himself, or by any other old man who is treading the same path.” I interpreted this as a reference to the Garden of Eden. That the garden of letters he will sow and plant is the bad fruit Adam and Eve ate and he will go down the wrong path just as Adam and Eve did. Are these references used because Jesus never wrote anything down either and just used speeches to get his point across?


One thought on “Daily Quest #1

  1. A fascinating question. Count it. There certainly are questions of metaphysics – what is or might be beyond our perceivable physical world – throughout Plato’s writings. But he was actually living before Jesus was alive, so if there is a connection between them, it would likely be the other way around. 🙂

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